Mateus Rose Dry Story@2X


Mateus Rosé was the first Portuguese wine brand with the greatest international reach

Success and originality

Creativity at the heart of things

Fernando van Zeller Guedes's tenacity and innovative marketing could be considered the original influencer campaign. Two bottles were sent to every Portuguese Ambassadors around the world – one for you and one for your friend to help spread the word about Mateus Rosé. This creative strategy helped Mateus to conquer the USA, Asia, Europe and Australia selling over 2,000,000 bottles worldwide.

The Mateus generation

From the world of entertainment to icons around the globe, people fell in love with Mateus Rosé

“My only regret is that when I flew around the moon, I wasn’t drinking Mateus.”


International success

A global brand

After 75 years as the global Portuguese leader in Rosé, Mateus continues to innovate with Mateus Dry Rosé. From its provenance to its unique bottle design, this new wine pays homage to its history with an updated bottle shape, new label design and a new wine style that is drier and paler to better serve the new American palate. The new wine is vintage aged to ensure freshness and is now made from Baga and Shiraz grapes.


Salvador Guedes, Fernando van Zeller Guedes, Fernando Guedes


Mateus's story is largely the story of Fernando van Zeller Guedes, a man ahead of his time who created Mateus and launched it around the world. His ambition to make the best wine in Portugal continues today with Mateus Dry Rosé.


Today, Mateus remains part of the Sogrape family and is now headed by Fernando da Cunha Guedes, the grandson of Fernando van Zeller Guedes.  Mateus continues to be enjoy around the world.

Mateus Rose Dry Usa Historia Geracoes@2X Mateus Rose Garrafa Antiga Historia Geracoes@2X
Bridging the generations

Drag the ball and travel with this iconic Portuguese bottle along its 75+ years of history.

Mateus Dry Rosé
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