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Mateus Dry Rosé

With one sip, Mateus Dry Rosé transports you to the coastal beaches of Portugal, where the sun beams down with intensity and begs for a refreshing glass of rosé that stands out in summer’s sea of pink. Whether you are poolside, patio dining al fresco or enjoying the sound of waves crashing on the beach, show your sense of individuality and uncover the new shape of rosé.

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Ideal for

Everyday celebrations

Mateus Mini

Small pleasures make great moments. Enjoy Mateus Dry Rosé in mini bottle!

Mateus Dry Rosé
Mateus Dry Mini

Mateus Dry Rosé

Perfect Pairings

Mateus Dry Rosé is the ideal pairing with the following recipes:


- Fresh salads
- Seafood (fresh/steamed)
- White fish 
- Firm flaky fish (raw, lightly cooked)
- Grilled vegetables 
- Light summer pastas
- Cold turkey and chicken
- Cheeses (soft, semi-hard)
- Cold meats & cheese plate